11 AWESOME Cheap Alternatives To Hostels

Hostels provide cheap accommodation for both travelers and students.

They also are affordable.

But what if you don’t want to share your hostel dorm with total strangers or you believe they are youth hostels?

If you want some level of privacy, you may need to look for other alternatives to hostels in places you plan to visit.

And there are heaps of them.

But if you love staying in hostels and want to try other options, this list will open your mind to try alternative accommodation. 

These options may present you with great experiences of meeting new people with the same interests as you.

Keep reading to see other great alternatives to hostels. 

1. Private/VIP Room in a Hostel

Do you know that most hostels have private rooms? 

If you love and adore having some form of privacy. And are worried about sharing a bathroom or getting sleepless nights because your roommates are snoring.

Worry not because you can enjoy your personal space in a private hostel room. 

But you would have to pay double the price because most private rooms have double beds ideal for couples.

Did you know you can also work in hostels? If you can usually get free or cheaper accommodation if you do this. Usually its some simple chores like cleaning or working on reception.

2. House Sitting (For Free Accommodation)

Do you want free accommodation?

If you’re willing to look after someone else’s pets and keep their house safe, do house sitting for free rent for weeks and even months!

Many people list their homes on various house-sitting websites when they plan to travel for work or on vacation.

They look for people to stay and take care of their property. This is a good place to search for alternative accommodation.

Plus it’s much better than staying at a hotel, as you get a whole house to yourself and a great way to live rent free.

That means you can cook and do your washing and relax! Many are luxury homes, like penthouses in New York City, villas in Bali, and beachfront homes in Hawaii!

The view from our house sit in Greece

3. Airbnb

Airbnb is another good alternative to a hostel and a great place to interact with other travelers.

The good news is you can choose from the different budget options on the Airbnb platform.

You can also decide whether to stay in a private room with shared bathroom facilities with the homeowners or get the entire house for yourself.

4. Academic Housing

Many colleges and universities rent out dorms during the holiday periods.

There are many sites like UniversityRooms.com that can help you find some cheap accommodation on campus.

Remember it is bare-bones student accommodation, however, they are usually well kept and in prime locations.

5. Hotel/Motel

And now you’re thinking, that’s more expensive than hostels?.

Yes, four-star and five-star hotels are costly but, they are always budget hotels and motels in major towns?.

And these types of accommodations have private rooms that charge the same amount of money as private hostel rooms?.

When planning your trip, find out about a budget hotel or motel in the town you plan to visit and book your private room ahead of your journey.

6. Campervan

A campervan is also a fantastic alternative to a hostel.

The best part is, you can visit all the great places and locations without worrying about getting back to your room.

But that’s not all you get to enjoy your private accommodation and schedule.

And if you’re planning for vacation rent, a campervan for one or two people, or save up to buy your own and travel whenever you want. Sounds good?

7. House/Flatshare

Most people either love or hate Couchsurfing.

But that’s not all you get to enjoy your private accommodation and schedule.

And if you’re planning for vacation rent, a campervan for one or two people, or save up to buy your own and travel whenever you want. Sounds good?

8. Home Exchange

If you have a home to exchange, you can swap it with another family for a certain amount of time.

This way you get to stay in someone’s house as if it’s your own, and they get to stay in yours.

It’s a great alternative to a hostel and saves you money as you visit a new state, town, or country.

9. Camping

Camping is an alternative to cheap accommodation. And the good news is, you can choose between the hundreds of campsites and holiday parks.

So, if you have a tent, choose a location, pitch it, camp and sleep for the night and move on the next day.

10. Couchsurfing

Couch surfing gets you a “local” travel experience.

And it’s a great alternative to a hostel. More often than not the host will have traveled as well as and is repaying the favor.

Or maybe they just like to host people and show them around their city.

However, this alternative accommodation needs a high level of trust between both parties.

And before you start couch surfing, you should look up the safety tips on the platform and, you should be comfortable with the homeowner.

12. Religious Housing

Some religions do offer cheap accommodation to travelers who plan to visit religious sites.

This alternative is not for everyone. It may be uncomfortable to accept such an offer if you don’t believe or belong to that religion.

This type of accommodation can help create a great travel experience, plus it may help you be more open-minded.

These alternatives can provide a great travel experiences and adventures.

If you worry about getting cheap accommodations, branch out and try any of these hostel alternatives on the list above.

It will help you save money on accommodation on your next trip!

Author: Brittnay

Brittnay is one of the Travelling House Sitters. She has cared for 25 dogs, 35 cats 1 turtle, and 1 rabbit over 40+ houses in 15 countries over 5 years.

She is ready to teach you exactly how to become a house sitter! She wants everyone to enjoy this incredible lifestyle as well!

You can read more about Brittnay and Jay on their about page.

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