Can You Have Guests While House Sitting

You’re getting into house sitting because it seems like a great gig! As a new house sitter, you have a lot of questions.

Can you have guests over at a customer’s house?

It would be awesome to have friends come visit while you’re on the job.

Follow some basic house sitter guidelines to enjoy your next gig.

Keep reading to learn about having friends over!


Can You Have Guests While House Sitting?

You can have friends visit if the homeowner doesn’t mind.

You should discuss this with the homeowner before the job.

It’s one of many basic questions to ask before accepting a job.

Some people may be excited for their pet sitter to have friends visit. After all, it’s more love on their furry family!


What to Consider When Having Guests While House Sitting?

When having guests, it is important to be respectful of the home have some house sitting etiquette

If overnight guests are welcome, make sure they sleep in the right place. Be sure to change their sheets after house sitting!

If the homeowner has allowed you to have additional guests, keep the gathering small.

Too many people can get out of hand.


The last thing you want is to give the homeowner a bad house sitting experience.

If you have a busy family, they may be able to stay with you. If you have small children in your family, make sure they don’t break anything.


Don’t Let Guests Distract You From Your Job

Even if you have friends over, you have to care for some aspects of property maintenance.

You need to take care of pets. 

The house sitter charges for a job well done. Pet sitters can’t do half their job and expect full pay or future jobs.

If you or your guests eat any food or use any items, be sure to replace them. This is part of taking care of the home.

As long as the homeowner knows you’ll have guests, you can invite them.

However, don’t plan to have friends visit if they will distract you from your job.


You need to take care of the house and leave it in the same condition as you found it.

Having friends will add to your tasks, but it may be a fun experience.

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