Wonderful Animals Welfare Organisations

We believe all animals deserve respect and love! So we need to support those looking creatures of all shapes and sizes. Below is a list of some wonderful companies looking to improve animal welfare and we hope you can support them!International Fund for Animal WelfareThe International Fund for Animal Welfare works to save individual animals, animal populations, and habitats across the world, and Australia is a devout member. Operating since 1969, they have a vision of a world where all animals are respected and protected.


The RSPCA has spent over $80 million dollars delivering services to help improve the lives of animals in Australia. They rely on public donation and fundraising initiatives, business partnerships, grants and patrons to help fund their work, including the support of their 40 animal shelters around Australia.

Every Dog Matters

Every Day Matters is a company with a mission to change the the welfare of animals in Eastern Europe. They are looking to free dogs from caged shelters, create sustainable adoption processes and educate these countries on the importance of managing animal populations. They recently help fund a campaign to provide ongoing castration in Bulgaria as well as help provide funds for a open cage shelter

Animal Rights and Rescue Group

Animal Rights and Rescue Group Inc. (ARRG) advocates for the rights and care of all animals. They provide passionate support to all campaigns that seek to protect animal rights. They also offer free or low cost veterinary services to companion animals when their owners can’t afford their medical treatment.


ShelterMate is a software that was developed by the RSPCA to help connect databases and the Activ4Pets platform. While the information is limited when compared to the other sites on this list, it gives a look at the technical side of animal welfare. The published content covers the workings of the software, the different platforms it is used with and how it is changing the way animal welfare databases operate. For those with an interest in the software and web-based side of the industry, it opens up the past, present and future of how information is stored, backed up and synced.


WIRES has been in operation since 1985. It wasn’t until 1986 that they launched as an organisation in Australia. Working to preserve and rehabilitate native wildlife, they currently have 28 different branches and more than 2,500 volunteers working with them. Training and wildlife tabs are fantastic resources regarding  animal welfare policies, data, statistics, and so on. The blog is detailed and covers diseases, species numbers, avice, guides and how to style posts. Wires also has a mobile app that can be used for advice and assistance when dealing with injured animals.

National Desexing Network

The National Desexing Network was formed in 2004. The site provides a wealth of information and data about pet welfare and current desexing policies. There is plenty of information surrounding government legislation and legal frameworks currently in force. The interactive map makes it easy to find local clinics who are part of the networks directory. Perfect for targeted local content and those interested in population control and governing laws. The site is definitely one of the best sources of animal health facts and there is plenty of confirming data.

Blue Cross

BlueCross is a British animal welfare organisation that has been running since 1897. It is seen as one of the best examples of a non-profit entity. There is so much information on the site, both educational and scientific. It offers some great resources covering pet care, medical and illness, current EU legislation and learning. The pet advice section is very detailed and covers many of the more common questions people are asking.

Healing Paws

Healing Paws Animal Rescue was founded by a British expat Sue Deeth. In 2011, Sue started rescuing a few stray dogs and cats on the island and, through her network of friends and supporters across the UK, Holland, and Germany, she was able to find loving homes for these unwanted strays. Since these humble beginnings, the support has grown and, to date, over 2,000 dogs, puppies and cats have found their forever families.

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