5 Best Luxury Destinations For Couples

Couples who spend meaningful time together form relationships that last longer than couples who do not.

In one report by Psychology Today, doctors agree that spending time together as a couple helps strengthen the relationship and form the identity of their union.

From the moment they depart, their needs are attended to. They are completely relaxed and comfortable and there is nothing to interrupt the deep connection that begins.

Of course, the destination should be just as luxurious as the flight.

They should have the perfect view, the best foods, and the perfect activities to enjoy themselves. Below we will list 5 luxury destinations that every romantic couple continually rates highly.

Luxury Destinations For Couples


Maui continually makes the top of travelers lists for luxury, fun, and beauty. There are several 5-star hotels in Maui, and the scenic views are breathtaking.

Maui has 30 miles of beaches. Aone popular beach is the crescent-shaped Kapalua. This beach is protected from the strong ocean current by lava-rock projections.

Of course, people immediately think of the beach when they think of Maui. But there are other things for the adventurous couple to do. Hike the dormant volcano, Haleakala for sites unlike anywhere in the world. Maui is an expensive place to go, so if you want to save money you could try house sitting for free vacations. You get a cheaper holiday and get to stay in a luxury spot.

  • Haleakala is the highest point on the island. It is a volcano that is located in the Haleakala National Park. The park has lush trails, lovely natural pools, and incredible waterfalls.
  • Enjoy any of a number of beautiful golf courses. While there are dozens of golf courses in Maui, the most highly rated is the Plantation Course At Kapalua. This course is one of the most challenging and enjoyable golfing sites in the world. Every hole has an elevation change. The deep ravines, blind tee shots, and daring greens that will challenge putters of all golding levels make this a world-class course. Of course, add the incredible island views and you have a winner.
  • Explore the history of the island.
    Maui is the name of the demigod that legends say lassoed the sun over Haleakala, after pulling the island from the sea.
  • The island survived many wars throughout history finally coming under the control of King Kamehameha in the 15th century.
  • Travel Lahaina Historic Trail to get a unique view of the rich and fascinating history of the island.
  • Enjoy shopping at the shopping malls (including an Outlet Mall) and the many boutiques and art galleries on the island.
  • Water sports, boating, skiing, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, and diving are year-round adventures on Maui, provided by some of the best names in the watersports industry.

Aspen, Colorado, United States

Best destinations for a Romantic couple

If the idea of a beautiful ski resort, mountains of glittering snow, and sipping drinks in front of a fireplace sounds like your idea of romance, Aspen is the place for you.

Aspen has been the luxury destination of celebrities for years. You have your choice of luxury resorts or stay in a private mountain chalet. The skiing is always great and there are a number of other winter sports and activities. Aspen is the most romantic and exotic getaway in the states.

Aspen takes luxury resorts to a new level. You will enjoy pampering like never before. Enjoy heated massage tables, a steam cave, a co-ed soaking pool with a waterfall. Some resorts offer a mineral hot springs. Glenwood Hot springs offer the largest hot mineral spring pool in the world. To help you adjust to the above sea level experience, enjoy an oxygen lounge. Your privacy is strictly protected and your lavishing comfort is the top priority.

Aspen has 4 different mountains and more than 5000-acres of well-kept skiing. Enjoy the thrill of snowmobiling or snowboarding.

Hermitage Bay, Antigua

Best destinations for a Romantic couple

This is the perfect romantic getaway for the couple who wants the Caribbean without the tourism. Hermitage Bay is a family owned 5-star resort dedicated to providing the most lavish and luxurious experience in the world.

World-class Chef Desroy Spence and his staff prepare a different menu of foods every day. He insist on the finest organic ingredients. Menus include Modern European, Caribbean, and American classics. The resort features 30 luxury suites. 17 of them on built on the hillsides for maximum view and privacy. The remaining are on the beach. All the suites face the sea.

If you would like to enjoy a candlelit dinner on your terrace, it will be provided. If you would prefer your candlelit dinner to be on the edge of the sea, that is available as well. Your experience is designed by you and carried out with style.

New York, New York

For the couple who crave the excitement of the big city, New York is the place to go. New York has everything. Their 5(+) star hotels have accommodated Presidents, Royalty, and Celebrities. If you want to visit New York but the accommodation out of your budget you can look for cheaper places to stay or even free accommodation

New York is the location of Ellis Island and the amazing Hall of Records Museum. This was the gateway to America that people from all over the world came through. Learn about the immigration system throughout history, and you will track how the United States became so diversified and the greatest nation in the world. You can also visit the Statue of Liberty which is a national landmark. Go inside the statute and see the view of the United States that millions before you have seen.

New York is home to world-class restaurants, the finest designer shops, and museums and art galleries. Enjoy Broadway shows, a thriving nightlife, and a social scene that is unmatched.

Los Cabos, Mexico

Located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, Los Cabos enjoys sunny days 350-days per year. Stay in beautiful resorts and enjoy year-round ocean adventures. This land is the perfect contrast of beach and desert. It is a nature lovers paradise. Hikers and golfers are also right at home here.

Relax in a luxury spa with all the modern amenities. Go horseback riding, kayaking, hiking, golf, or snorkeling. Take advantage of the surfing scene, diving, boating, or water skiing.

Los Cabos is known for the nightlife. You can dance all night and enjoy live music, dancing, and drinks around the clock.

If that is too much for you, stroll the town and enjoy a gourmet lunch while touring art galleries.

It is difficult to select the best places of the world for couples, but these locations are consistently rated highly, so it would be a great way to begin.

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