The Best Places To Visit In Ireland

With arguably the most temperamental weather on this planet Ireland is often overlooked for a travel destination.

You may be thinking what on earth would I want to go to Ireland for?

It’s just rain, wind, and miserably cold weather most of the year.

Well, you are half right it does rain a fair amount and it is windy on the west coast but for 3 or 4 months a year Ireland’s weather is beautiful, and when the weather is beautiful there is no better place to be.

The lush green forests, rolling hills, stunning lochs, and big cliffs all combine to make one hell of a tourist destination.

Not to mention its home to some of the most friendly and inviting people in the world! Here are our best places to visit in Ireland.

You will find that because Ryanair is based here there are a loooooooooot of cheap flights to Dublin! So before you head off on your European adventure check out what the cheapest airports to fly into Europe are.

Must Visit Places In Ireland

Thinking of Moving to Ireland?

Thinking of moving to Ireland? Or want to visit for a few months?

See what it is like living in Ireland here.

It’s good to find out if it will suit you before going!

The Best Places in Ireland


Unless you catch the ferry over there is a very high chase you are going to fly into Dublin. Dublin is the perfect place to start any Irish adventure. 

With more bars and pubs than you could ever wish for it is the perfect place to go and see what the Irish culture is all about. Good friends, good Guinness and even better live music. 

While you are in town make sure you head to the Guinness Open Gate Brewery for a sneak peek at their new beers (and give some tasting notes). An added bonus of visiting Ireland is Dublin is one of the cheapest city’s to fly into in Europe.

Slieve League

You would have heard about the cliffs of Moher before, forget them. Slieve League is in a league of its own. Think less crowded, bigger and more enchanting.

They are Europe’s highest cliffs and are not yet plastered all over every guidebook and travel blog. Here is where you will get that perfect Instagram photo to impress your friends, without the tourists in the background! This spot is defiantly a must in Ireland.

Ashford Castle

Sometimes you just need to treat yourself. When in Ireland there is no better place to do so than at the stunning Ashford Castle. The service here is in a class of its own.

Their fine dining restaurant and unique decor will make you feel like royalty. Be sure to make the most of their 350-acre estate for the peace and serenity you deserve.

Mullaghmore Beach

We simply couldn’t create the best places to visit in Ireland list without Mullaghmore. The 3km of white sandy beaches of Mullaghmore beach will make you feel like you are in a completely different country.

If you are lucky enough to catch a Northwest swell & South Easterly winds you will be in for a real treat as the beach gets some good waves. This spot is also really great because most tourists miss this spot and it can be a lot less crowded than other nearby towns & beaches.

Connemara National Park

If you are a weekend meanderer or a full-blown hiker the Connemara National Park is for you! With kilometers of walking tracks and stunning views, you will be well rewarded by mother nature for your efforts. The wild west coast of Ireland is quite remote but well worth the trip. A real must-see in Ireland.

Gleniff Horseshoe

Driving on the highways can get a little boring, you need to treat yourself. Why not make a stop off at one of the best places to visit in Ireland?

Take a drive along the Gleniff Horseshoe loop. A 6 mile single-lane road with some of the best views in Ireland. If you need a stretch and a bit of a break from driving there are also plenty of hiking tracks which will keep you occupied.

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2 thoughts on “The Best Places To Visit In Ireland”

  1. Awesome list of places to visit.
    I’m embarrassed to say I’ve spent most of my life in Ireland, and never visited Slieve League,
    but I’m putting this right on my next trip home.

    PS The cliffs of Moher used to be awesome years ago, just way too touristy these days.

    1. Thanks Sean!!It such a bloody beautiful place to live, we felt like we still missed out on so many places after 9 months there! We are being back in Melbourne for a bit, reminds us of it! Where abouts you at the moment?

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