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Why Not Spend A Month In The OC?

Why Not Spend A Month In The OC? (A Land Of Leisure, Adventure, And More)

Orange County, California is a beautiful place that draws people from near and far. You find over forty miles of pristine beach in The OC, as well as some surprising opportunities for nature exploration. It’s a perfect place for a getaway. If you have animals we recommend having a look at the best house sitting sites, so you can pick the a top notch house sitters.

If you’re not familiar with The OC, it’s a place that’s in the southern part of the Greater Los Angeles area; it’s a tilted rhombus a little less than halfway between LA and San Diego, stretching from Anaheim to San Clemente, and between Long Beach and Lake Elsinore. It’s an area that’s approximately 948 square miles; or about twenty-thirty miles by about forty miles.

Anaheim is famous in Southern California for Disneyland, and Huntington Beach; as well as Laguna Beach and Sunset Beach. But the mountains to the east are downright gorgeous as well, and there are certainly some great hiking trails to travel.

Nautical pursuits are famously catered to in Orange County. You’ll find a ubiquity of yacht clubs, kayaking opportunities, para-sailing—the list goes on. Are you into SCUBA? You can get your certification in a weekend and be swimming in clear waters by Monday. Why not take an underwater tour?

Weddings, Fairs, Nightlife And More

Many young brides choose The OC beaches for their wedding, because they are easy to find, there are more than 40 miles of them, and that tropical feel is a lot less expensive to find in America than it is overseas!

If you’re into more urban pursuits, The OC has plenty of sophisticated nightlife to satiate your tastes. And there are definitely family pursuits which happen regularly as well. One of the most famous is the area’s summer fair.

A County That’s A Country, And A Way To See It Cheap

This is a place to visit that is almost a country in and of itself. While technically included as part of the greater Los Angeles area, it is definitely its own entity. Proof positive? You’ve likely heard people talk about “The OC” long before you ever read this post. That’s quite the reputation!

When your there jump in the car and check out some of the country’s most gorgeous residences The only downside to The OC is cost. If you’re traveling as a family, it may be more expensive than some other regions for you to stay in a decent hotel. So do a cost-benefit analysis.

Say you want to spend a week in the OC. Averaging $100 a night for a low-end hotel room, that’s $700. You’ll probably spend around $200 in gas. Have a look at the trustedhousesitters review and you will you be able to find some professional house sitters,

Additionally, you’ll be spending hundreds on food, and you want to buy some souvenirs as well. Plus you’re going to have incidentals. Call the whole trip $2k and you’ll likely come in near the budget. Well, you can find an old RV for $2.2k. You’ll spend a little more but have more freedom—plus you can stay longer. If you get a month out of the trip, you saved enough money on lodging to justify the expense of the vehicle.

There are all kinds of ways to travel, and a family outing to the OC is something you should probably plan eventually. So do a little research online—adventure is waiting.

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