How to Stay Fit When Traveling (Its Actually Really Simple)

At one point or another, we all find ourselves leaving the comfort of our homes to head off somewhere new. Sometimes it’s for a vacation, other times its for business or to visit family. Whether you are once in a while traveler or a frequent flier, you can count on your daily routine being thrown off track.

Your trips to the gyms, runs around the neighbourhood, meal preparation and regular sleep schedule are placed on hold during your travels. As you can imagine, this drastic change in lifestyle can quickly impact your level of fitness.

So, how can you stay fit when traveling or when house sitting? Is there a routine you can implement just like you would at home? Check out these actionable tips that are guaranteed to keep you in shape no matter how much you travel.

How To Stay Fit While Travelling

Our Top Tips To Staying Fit While Travelling

Don’t Stop Exercising!

While you might be in the vacation mindset the second you board your plane, letting yourself go is the fastest way to, well, let yourself go. You need to stick with your weekly workout regimen no matter where you are or what is going on.

How are you supposed to do that without a gym membership or home exercise equipment, though? The trick is old fashioned moves you can do without weights or you could try yoga, which is super simple to do anywhere! Runners, you already have an advantage here.

Set an alarm on your phone to remind you every morning that it’s time to get moving. Wake up early if you have top, and spend your usual time working out. Sure, it isn’t your usual routine but it will ensure that you can return home and pick up your daily flow without skipping a beat.

Focus on pushups, sit-ups, and the like while tracking your progress. Write down everything you do and try to outdo yourself each day to make this new routine more competitive.

Skip the Feel-Good Food

It’s vacation, and chances are that you’re thinking of diving into unhealthy delights. Even a trip to see family can come with a banquet of bad choices you’ll soon regret. Put an emphasis on what you eat during your trip just like you would at home.

Search for local eateries with organic ingredients and wholesome meals. Politely tell your family that you aren’t diving into a pool of mashed potatoes with gravy, but you’d be more than happy to eat some raw vegetables.

It isn’t easy eating healthy when traveling, especially during the traveling part. However, limiting the number of unhealthy food items is essential to staying fit.

Stay Goal-Oriented

You get off of your flight to Denver, your foot hits the ground and your mind goes into a care-free mode. It’s okay to leave the stresses of everyday life behind, but losing sight of your fitness goals is only to create a stressor that you don’t want to deal with.

What’s worse is that when you start relaxing, some of your injuries may even start to surface. If you’re experiencing any pain, it’s best you actually head to the doctor, instead of “treating yourself” with the help of internet forums. If your stressed about money look for the cheapest airports to fly out of!

Let go, but keep the part of your mind that focuses on your physique sharp as a tack. Don’t lose sight of why you maintain a diet routine at home. Even a weekend of bad choices can ruin a perfectly good diet and exercise plan.

Focus on staying active every day. Focus on eating the healthiest foods available. Focus on staying fit when traveling, and you’ll do just that.

House Sitting Can Help You Stay Fit While Travelling!

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