Why Being Broke is the Best Time to Travel

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When you don’t have much money, dealing with debts, a crummy job or loans; can barely afford McDonald’s; or even sleeping on your friend’s couch, traveling may seem like a pipe dream. At best, travel is just another item you will put off until you have the money. However, the best reason, and time, to start traveling is when you are broke!

When you have fewer options, you are likely to get the most experiences. Plus, when you are at the bottom, you have little to lose and everything to gain. In the words of Janis Joplin, freedom is a synonym for nothing left to lose.

The biggest excuse most people give for not traveling is that they do not have enough money, and if you are in the same boat, think again. Traveling when broke is actually the best time to experience everything the world has to give. Fortunately, fun and adventure activities do not need to be an expensive endeavor; in fact, limited spending power should not mean limited fun.

If you’re are always telling yourself that you’ll travel once you can afford it, you will end up not doing it at all. Here are some of the best reasons why traveling when broke is the best experience ever!

Your Creativity is King

When broke and traveling, you will most likely need to know where to go, how to get there and what to do with the little money you have at hand. It seems like a challenge, but when faced with financial constraints, most people tend to become creative. This applies to traveling when broke; you are forced to be creative with your traveling itinerary and options.

When you have money on your side, you can easily afford the luxury and convenience of spending entire nights in bars and nightclubs with friends. When you have little to splurge on such luxuries, you grab a bottle of wine and sneak off with your friends for a quite time up a hill where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset. Creativity is your best friend when traveling broke; in fact, your experiences will be just as exciting as those of any other traveler will; only you will have much more information in your hands.

You Will Use Available Resources Even Better

Couchsurfing, Meetup, or Instagram, the numbers of options available to you via the Internet are virtually limitless. You can easily find and utilize free picnics, social activities, tour invitations and a horde of fun activities available through Meetup. Join other travelers in invitation-only, home-cooked meals via Couchsurfing.

In fact, with the little you have, you are likely to end up having way more fun and seeing more than you had anticipated, as long as you have a clear idea of where or what to look for and how you can utilize the resources better. With a Wi-Fi connection, smartphone and will power to explore different things in different locations, you will always find something that’s worth engaging in, no matter where.

You Will Take the Long Way

This isn’t always a wrong idea; while broke, you will definitely need to avoid metros and taxis so you save on transportation costs. Traveling broke allows you to leave out the shorter, more convenient and faster routes to your preferred destination, and opt for the long way. Cycling and walking to your destinations is, in fact, the best idea ever.

You will come across interesting people along the way, discovering hidden gens, stumble on fascinating things, and even enjoy sights and views around you better than you would have otherwise. Taking the long ways is a way to having more fun and getting an opportunity for finding the new and exploring the off beaten path.

You Value the Little You Have

If visiting fashionable destinations, you will need to include things in your make up kit that last for days, like the 14 days lasting gel nail polish colors by Pink Gellac, to ensure that you enjoy every bit of your stay without makeup worries. Plus, do you really need to stay in a 5-star establishment when you can barely afford it? Maybe, all you need a social stay at a lively hostel or spend your vacation days with friends.

Broke traveling makes you appreciate the true value of the things you take for granted or the little money you have. It is all about enjoying what you have in the moment, and in a laid-back environment that you can afford. But the best thing about traveling while broke is that it gives you endless opportunities of creating authentic and meaningful memories to write home about.

A Chance to Re-Energize

If you are currently in a place you don’t like, in debt or working at a job you don’t like one bit, there is better time to say enough is enough, and travel overseas. You can become a volunteer, look for part time opportunities or utilize your best talent to make some money as you explore the world. It’s common practice for people to work and receive money for doing what they enjoy most.

Finally, traveling the world can be a hobby, so grab the opportunity you have when you can. Whether you are making minimum wage, need to work on the move or even wheelchair bound, your wallet’s status means you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

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