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The 10 Best Day Trips From London Worth Escaping The City For!

Living in London is mind blowing, you have everything  right at your doorstep... but sometimes you need to get some space and fresh air. Step in the best day trips from London!

We spent 2 years living in Central London and took the opportunity to get out travel as much as we could. If we weren't off to places like The Amalfi Coast we would jump on train and head to the English countryside.

Even if it was just for a day or a sneaky weekend. Here are a few of our best day trips from London, so you can get that much-needed break you deserve! 

Just remember London can be an expensive city for flights, so find out what the cheapest cities to fly to in Europe are before you lock in a day trip!

Let's Jump into The Best Day Trip From London

1. Bath

Distance from London: 200km
Drive time: 2 hours 15 mins 
Train Journey: 1 hour 30

What to Do:  Go for the The ultimate indulgence at the Royal Crescent Hotel. They host afternoon tea in their perfect English gardens.

A selection of delicious sandwiches, cut to mouth-watering perfection, are offered. Along with freshly baked scones with clotted cream and strawberry preserve along with a range of exquisite pastries and cakes – each one dainty enough to eat in one delicious mouthful.

This most decadent of British traditions are complemented by a choice of Ronnefeldt teas from around the world, sourced exclusively for guests. Try the RC250 Special Blend, which celebrates 250 years of glorious history!

Then there’s the option of adding some sparkle to the occasion with a flute or flight of Taittinger Champagne.

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2. Castle Combe Village

Distance from London: 164km
Drive time: 2 hours
Train Journey: 2 hours 10 minutes
What to Do: Castle Combe, Chippenham, UK
What: A beautiful town where little has changed since the 15th century (the town is void of street lights and TV satellites). You will savour the peaceful atmosphere and understand why it has won the coveted “Prettiest Village in England” award so many times.

3. Berkhamsted

Where: Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, UK
What: The city of about 18,000 is a historic market town in Hertfordshire that is known for its 11th century Norman castle, but there is so much more to the city than just the castle.  There are boutique shops, artisanal coffee shops, a craft beer shop, and enough nature to keep the outdoors enthusiast occupied for days!

This city is absolutely worth the day trip and it has something to offer families, couples, and even the solo traveller.
Distance from London: 65km
Drive time: 1 hour
Train Journey: 30 minutes

The Seven Sisters Walk

What: One of the best coastal walks in England (Including pubs with a view!)
Where: This walk from Eastbourne to Alfriston is spectacular. From Eastbourne you can walk along the seafront or take a bus to the foot of the downs at Beachy Head. The vista of the chalk cliffs and the lighthouse by the English channel in the South Downs is unforgettable.

As you walk from Beachy Head to Birling Gap, you see the cliffs set within Seven Sisters Country Park stretching out, rising over 200 ft. The walk goes through the wooded English countryside and quaint villages with several charming quintessential English pubs for a fuel stop.

We ended up near the St Andrews Church and the picturesque village of Alfriston.

Distance from London:  120km (Eastbourne)
Drive time: 2 hours 10 minutes (Eastbourne)
Train Journey: 1 hour 30 minutes (Eastbourne)

4. Green Farm

What: Green Farm, Kent, UK
Where: Green Farm is located in the Kent countryside in the idyllic Shadoxhurst conservation area, surrounded by 12,500 acres of ancient woodland and traditional pastures.

 Green Farm has 50 acres of meadows, wooded pasture and ancient woodland, almost all within a Local Wildlife Site. Perfect for a bicycle ride or a walk in woods. The farmhouse itself is a Grade II listed building. There's yoga on the farm and a spa - which was pure indulgence.

Distance from London: 100km
Drive time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Train Journey: 40 minutes

The best Day Trips From London hot tub under the stars green farm kent

5. Bristol

Where: Bristol Food Connections, Bristol, UK
What: The perfect place for all you foodies! Here you will discover what Somerset and Gloucestershire have to offer in the way of fresh produces. We ate some delicious oysters, sausage rolls and discovered some great cheese from Somerset. We also ate a delicious supper from Josh Eggleton under a massive tent.
Distance from London: 190km
Drive time: 2 hours 15 minutes
Train journey: 2 hours

6. Norwich

Where: Norwich, Norfolk County, UK
What: Norwich is an old city which still has parts of its old walls. Some of the older streets are narrow and cobblestoned with higgledy-piggly houses that look like they'll fall over.
Places to eat:
Moorish Falafel - Old Goat Lane
Fish and Chip Shop - Pottergate
Places to visit:
Norwich Cathedral has the second tallest spire in the UK.
Plantation Gardens
Norwich has 6 theatres (one is open air) and a puppet theatre
Chapelfields playparks has a new area for kids. The play park is wonderful.
Eaton Park is on the outskirts of Norwich and is HUGE. It has everything from ponds to crazy golf.
Distance from London: 190km
Drive time: 2 hours 30 minutes
Train journey: 2 hours

The best Day Trips From London - High street

7. Oxford

Where: Oxford, UK
Distance from London: 100km
Drive time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Train journey: 1 hour

What: University of Oxford Botanic Gardens are very incredible, especially if you love flowers and interesting plants. The Oxford Botanic gardens are unlike any gardens.

They have amazing large medicinal beds that show all the plants used for different ailments. (Yes, there’s even some Cannabis that apparently doesn’t contain any THC). They also have orchards, fountains, and greenhouses. We spent an hour walking around and could have stayed far longer.

Where to Eat and Drink:
The Eagle & Child: Associated with a writers group that includes C.S. Lewis and Tolkien. Lord of the Rings nerds will delight in the thought of having a pint in the same place that the Hobbit was perhaps written. They also serve a very delicious meat pie.
The Turf Tavern: This 13th century gem is well hidden in a back alley. We sat outside and enjoyed some beer while taking in the history. This spot with amazingly low ceilings was filled with both locals, students and tourists like us. It's definitely a place not to miss if you enjoy beer. There is a funny sign at the Tavern that said that it was the location where supposedly Bill Clinton did NOT inhale during his days at Oxford.

8. France

Where: Now when we say 'day trip' going on a international trip is not the first thing that comes to mind, however a quick trip to Paris is always an option!

 Soak up some culture, take a selfie at the Eiffel Tower hit the markets for some fresh produce and baguettes to bring home for dinner! Paris has some amazing streets to discover, our favourites can be found on our post 'The Prettiest Streets in Paris'
Distance from London: 460km
Train journey: 2 hours 30 minutes on the Eurostar.

9. Stone Henge 

What: One of the most famous prehistoric monuments in the world. Take a trip to Stone Henge and marvel at this engineering marvel built by the Neolithic people over 5000 years ago
Amesbury, Salisbury, UK
Distance from London: 140km
Drive time: 2 hours
Train journey: Around 90 minutes to Sailsbury and then a 30 minute bus ride. Detailed transport options can be found here.

The best Day Trips From London - Stone Henge

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