The 6 Cities In Switzerland You Need To Visit (If You Love Good Food & Scenery)

As shown in the classic film ‘The Sound of Music’ Switzerland is absolutely gorgeous.

The stunning lakes, cute Swiss cities, rolling hills and the impressive Swiss Alps, which dwarf everything else in sight. It’s a nature lovers heaven.

Everywhere you look is something amazing, so where are the best places to visit in Switzerland? We have hand picked out the best of the best places in Switzerland for you!

We have you covered from unique & quirky accommodation all the way through to Michelin Star eating experiences.

Note: Switzerland is an expensive place to visit so find out what the cheapest airport to fly into Europe are before planning your trip!

The Best Cities in Switzerland

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Lets Check The Best cities in Switzerland to Visit!


Location: 90 km South of Zurich – around 1 hours 15 minute drive.

Where to stay: The Angel’s Lodge, the cutest little ski lodge, where every room has an amazing view of the mountains. Where the owners come out to greet you personally, hand over the keys, and encouraged you to enjoy their beautiful town. Especially the railway that connects Engelberg to the bustling town of Lucerne, about an hour away.

What to eat: For dinner, head to The Ski Lodge . Our friend Elaine says, and I quote ‘I’m not exaggerating when I say I ate the best burger. of. my. life. They use a natural gas smoker to cook the burgers. Eating it was like having an out of body experience, it was that good. I don’t even have a picture because it was so delicious, I devoured the whole thing before I could even remember to take a photo.

And for drinks later on: The Core Irish Pub, is an adorable Irish pub, just a short walk from the restaurant and the lodge (everything in Engelberg is a short walk). You might not expect to visit an Irish pub in Switzerland, but you would be remiss to pass this one up. It had a vintage atmosphere, jovial staff, and an ice cream freezer stocked with Ben & Jerry’s (droooling).

The Lavaux Wine Region

Location: Starting at St. Saphorin you head through a diverse route up and downhill through the gorgeous vines to the town of Lutry.

Why visit: The Lavaux wine region has been a protected UNESCO site since 2007. Wine has been produced in the area since Roman times, with eleventh-century monks continuing production. To honour this local heritage, the Beau-Rivage Palace can arrange wine tours for guests to experience the region, often meeting with the producers themselves.

What to see: The nearby Chaplin’s World museum is also really awesome – it’s an interactive exhibit on Charlie Chaplin and the birth of film & comedy. (Chaplin spent his final years in the region.)

What to Eat: Lunch at the Cafe de la Poste in Lutry. The filet de perche is a really special treat and is the perfect side of the gorgeous view over the stunning lake Geneva Cafe de la Poste is full of locals and traditional Swiss food.

Heard Switzerland Is Expensive?
We have put together the cheapest European cities to fly into, that way you can save your money for Switzerland and eat all the chocolate you can!


Location: 70 km North of Geneva – about 1 hour dive, or 230 km South West of Zurich – About 2 hours 30 minute drive.

Why visit: Lausanne is an under-the-radar destination with lots to offer: pristine lakes, views of the snow-capped Alps, the nearby Lavaux Vineyard region (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and a picturesque old town. Truly one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland.

What to see: Beau-Rivage Palace is a timeless icon on the shores of Lake Geneva – dating from 1861 – it’s considered to be one of Europe’s finest hotels, offering exquisite gardens, refined service, a world-renowned Cinq Mondes spa and an elegant two-Michelin starred restaurant.

The 10-acre manicured gardens, which look out on the lake and Alps, was the place-of-choice for Coco Chanel, who sought the hotel’s enveloping calm for respite from difficult post-war years.

The historic hotel was also where the Treaty of Lausanne was signed and has hosted a roster of famous guests, from Nelson Mandela to Charlie Chaplin. Diana Ross and Phil Collins each had their respective weddings at the hotel as well.

Beau-Rivage Palace Switzerland


Baur au Lac Switzerland

Where to stay: Baur au Lac has spectacular views of the distant Alps and is even surrounded by its own park on the shore of Lake Zurich!

You almost forget its still in the midst of one of the most bustling cities in Switzerland – Zurich – boasting a truly privileged location. For over 170 years, it has held a reputation as one of the leading luxury hotels in the world and has long since grown to be an institution in the Swiss finance and business metropolis.

Where to Eat: The hotel boasts a Michelin-starred restaurant and has hosted the likes of Alfred Nobel, Richard Wagner, Marc Chagall and many other notables figures throughout its history.

Where to drink: To supply the luxury hotel’s roster of royal and noteworthy guests, the hotel opened its own cellar and distribution centre, Baur au Lac Vins, at the end of the nineteenth century, which today, houses some 1.4 million bottles. More than 100 producers are exclusively distributed by Baur au Lac Vins in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

What to see: The Baur au Lac produces its own honey with a hive that serves as a mini-replica of the hotel itself. Because bees collect nectar and pollen from blossoms within a 3 ½-mile radius of their hive, the honey harvested is local Zurich honey.

The hotel also produces its very own, house-made line of gourmet Swiss chocolates – CHOCOLAT 1844. The name derives from the year the Baur au Lac was founded by Mr. Johannes Baur, who was a confectioner before opening the hotel.

Not to be missed: Kronenhalle, the first vegetarian restaurant in the world! This is a real treat and recommended for both vegetarians and meat eaters alike – you never know it might just change your life!

Baur au Lac Bee Hive Switzerland


Location: 230 km South West of Zurich – About 2 hour 30 minutes drive, or 120 km East of Geneva – About 1 hour 30 minutes drive.

What is it: Luxury Eco Pods in the Swiss Alps. Now before we tell you about these, we must warn you. These Eco Pods are the coolest accommodation we have ever seen, and we are not responsible for impulse holiday buying!

These eco pods are packed full of surprises. Scandinavian-designed bathrooms linked to warmed fresh spring water, wooden floors, and large floor-to-ceiling plastic windows with unobstructed views of the valley. The pods have amazing insulation, private wooden fireplaces & soft rugs which ensure you are cosy no matter what time of year.

They even have one very special pod that faces the stunning Lake Geneva! Oh, and we can’t forget the most important part – massage services can be organised in your suite!

Luxury Eco Pods with Breathtaking Views of the Swiss Alps Switzerland

– Dogsledding tour
– Snowshoe hiking
– Hiking with dogs
– Paragliding with a certified pilot
– Family & kids guided hiking tour

Luxury Eco Pods with Breathtaking Views of the Swiss Alps Switzerland


Location: 70 km South West of Zurich – about 1 hour drive, or 250km North East of Geneva – about 3 hour drive.
What to see: The Kaltbach caves, an amazing 22 million year old labyrinth for ageing cheese.. The temperature and humidity of the cave are controlled naturally and Cave Master checks the wheels daily to ensure they are maturing properly. (Now that is some cheese love!).

What to do: Tours of the Kaltbach caves are open to the public where they get a chance to learn more about the ageing process, view the rooms within the cave, see an interactive ageing wheel and taste the kaltbach cheeses.

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